11.11 – MU Podcast

Mysterious Universe show

Summary: The intelligence program that saw 1600 Germans brought to America after World War II is the focus this week as Annie Jacobsen joins us to discuss her new book on Project Paperclip. What did the Third Reich's top mind's contribute to the United States and was it worth the moral cost? We also feature new advances in brain implants, ice cold Indian Babas, and the secrets of sleep. This episode is proudly sponsored by Squarespace. Use the code “MU” to get 10% off. Annie Jacobsen Annie Jacobsen Official Website Links World-builders, rejoice: the final Oculus Rift VR dev kit is here Sony reveals Project Morpheus, its VR headset for PlayStation 4 The Future of Brain Implants Colour blind artist becomes world's first 'eyeborg' by having antenna implanted inside his skull so he can 'hear' colours Neil Harbisson: I listen to color “Negropodamus” disses Internet of Things, predicts knowledge pills Dead Indian Guru Put in Freezer for 'Deep Meditation' Is Ashutosh Dead or in ‘Samadhi’?: No one has an answer and the suspense continues, notes Yes Punjab Sansani: the mystery of Ashutosh Maharaj Plus+ Links Nazis in Antarctica Katt Duff - The Secret of Sleep Books Mentioned   Music esta. - Carousel via Hilly Dilly Joey pecoraro - Band In The Box via The New Lofi subzar - part i - tethered no more from shackled to soar via Echoes and Dust Insightful - Geaux via KEEPREAL Blockhead - Tricky Turtle via The Spill SAFIA - Paranoia Ghosts Other Sounds via EARMILK Senths - i'm so happy via Gorilla vs Bear Nick Lynar - I Still via Stoney Roads