Episode 2 Ile de la Cité

Join Us in France show

Summary: Where Paris Was Born 0:40' In this episode Elyse tells us about Ile de la Cité, the place where Paris was born. First settlers, Romans, a place from which to get a great view of the city. 2:20' Four great monuments to visit here: Notre Dame de Paris, the Sainte Chapelle (stained glass), the archeological crypt in front of Notre Dame de Paris, the Concièrgerie (inspired Disneyland Castles, contains a museum dedicated in part to the French Revolution). Also two parks to visit (including Vert Galant) and a cut flower market. 5:00' Easy visit physically, everything is flat. The only difficulty is the tower of Notre Dame de Paris where the hunchback lived and worked. Watch out for narrow stair cases in Medieval buildings! 6:30' Where to go take photographs. The foot bridges around Ile da la Cité. 7:30' How to find a clean bathroom on Ile de la Cité. 9:15' Where to eat on Ile de la Cité. 11:12' Bridge that takes you to Ile Saint Louis. What to see on Ile Saint Louis. Berthillon ice cream. 13:43' Parting words, go to www.joinusinfrance.com to ask a question or add some information about Ile de la Cité you'd like to share with the community. Also please leave us a review in iTunes, it encourages us greatly! Thank you Rémy for your music! Thank you listeners! In the comments section could you tell us if you've visited France before? Where did you go? To recreate this map for yourself go to maps.google.com and enter "Ile de la Cite".