Fairy Tale Day – MI and the Arts

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Summary: If you're a regular of the Raising smART kids podcast/blog, you know that I find story telling and creation a family-fun activity and one that engages all the multiple intelligences.   This week we'll be discussing story creation for Tell A Fairy Tale Day.   According to cute-calendar.com, Tell a Fairy Tale Day takes place on February 26, 2014.   Tell A Fairy Tale Day is celebrated world wide as is a day designed to enjoy fairy tales.  I'd like to explore how parents can use this fun day to engage all the multiple intelligences in a creative way. Engage all the senses and the Multiple Intelligences in the arts this World Fairy Tale Day.   VERBAL/LINGUISTIC - Begin by reading (or co-reading) a few fairy tales your children may already know to inspire the possibilities.   Be sure to actively engage in this activity by creating voices and personas for each of the characters and see how much fun you and your kids are sure to have!   INTRAPERSONAL - Have each family member choose a topic for their individual stories through brainstorming or using any of the following sites and products to assist you. Scholastic  The Story Starter (and Starter Junior)  Meddybemps Pinterest Creative Writing Now Add to your personal collection:   LOGICAL/MATHEMATICAL: Create a story by numbers.  Grab a pair of dice and assign each numbers with a topic, character, or bit of plot.  Roll the dice and watch as stories come to life through numbers. KINESTHETIC - Use the above rolling the dice method to determine any or all of the following: the dance skills, emotions, area to perform on the stage; entrances, exits, and more. Your kids will certainly have lots of great ideas.     NATURALISTIC  - For your naturalistic kids, get out into nature to create stories. Whether you  drive to a special location or head to the backyard, changing the scenery can have a magical effect on your creativity   MUSICAL - Rhythm and sounds that surround us everyday can positively impact our imaginations and are inherent for Musically-Intelligent kids.  Writing song lyrics, creating a fairy tale poem, or composing the melodies for a fairy tale will go a long way. VISUAL/SPATIAL - Illustrate a story through drawing, paintings, claymation, or stop animation videos.  Be sure to document through video.   INTERPERSONAL - Here’s the really fun part - share the stories with each other or embrace the spirit of sharing by visiting a local nursing home or hospital and offer to tell stories for their residents. Not only will your kids embrace the act of story telling, this activity will instill in your child a sense of giving and thinking about others. It’s never too late to teach and model the idea of serving others as part of the human experience.   I am looking forward to hearing about, reading, or watching all the fairy tales you create for Tell A Fairy Tale Day. Please post your stories on our blog post for the world to enjoy!   Here’s to create budding story writers and story tellers!