Línea Abierta : Immigration Reform Woes, Minimum Wage Hike.

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Summary: Immigration Reform Woes, Minimum Wage Hike. One week after releasing standards for immigration reform, Republican congressional leaders refuse to schedule a vote and dismissed reform for this year. Meantime, Senate Republicans advance restrictive bills impacting immigrant youth, including one against child tax credit and one barring in-state tuition. Invited guests also comment on President Obama’s executive order to increase the hourly minimum wage paid by federal contractors and efforts in Congress to pass a bill hiking the minimum wage for all workers. Guests: Eliseo Medina, Former Secretary-Treasurer, Service Employees International Union (SEIU), Los Angeles, CA, www.seiu.org/ ; Héctor Barreto Jr, Chairman, The Latino Coalition, Washington, DC, www.thelatinocoalition.com