Valentine Activities for Multiple Intelligences

ART Smart Parenting show

Summary: Happy valentine’s day art smart parents! We've spent the last 8 weeks diving into specific study strategies for each of the 8 Multiple Intelligences.   I'd like to take a departure from such academic discussion and offer some activities you can use this Valentine's Day weekend to engage your child's Multiple Intelligences.   I have to give props to my 7 year old that helped me brainstorm ideas for this week's episode!  Talk about engaging the Multiple Intelligences (MI's)! Today's activities are categorized simply a single intelligence, however, many activities will engage several of the MI's.   Here are some pictures from the art projects that my daughters created.     Interpersonal Intelligence: dialogue about love and relationships (school friends, after school activities, family activities); romantic relationships (YIKES!)   Intrapersonal:  journaling; independent activities indoors or out   Kinesthetic: culinary arts; sculpting; choreographing a dance or acting out a monologue.  My girls absolutely LOVE making cookies with our cookie press.  Here's our Favorite Recipe.   Visual spatial: paintings; puzzles; creating patterns for a quilt or large art project   Logical mathematical: culinary arts (measuring, sorting, calculating); Valentine's inspired math games; science experiments (i.e., How do different Valentine's candy dissolve in varying solutions?   Predict, track and chart rates of candy dissolving in different solutions such as soda, tap water, vinegar, etc.)   Naturalistic Intelligence: gather objects found in nature (rocks, sticks, feathers, pine cones, needles) to make cards or gifts.  You could even have hours of fun to engage in one of our favorite  outdoor activities, building Fairy Houses.   HELPFUL HINT: The fairies that visit our house often leave handwritten notes and ask lots of questions of my girls.  Here are some Fantastic books to inspire fairy houses (and the notes they often leave).   Dear Fairies - comes complete with fairy sizes notecards, envelopes, fairy dust, and a pencil.   Fairy houses.  Lots of great ideas and locations for fairy houses.  Examples by season…love!   Fairy Boat (from the Fairy House Series)   Verbal Linguistic Intelligence: Reading stories about love and relationships is a wonderful everyday activity.  You can "up the ante," so to speak, and create poems or stories together.  For some ideas to spark story creation ideas, read/listen to a previous episode, "Igniting Creativity Through Stories"   Musical Intelligence: create a song or poem about love and relationships; listen to songs about love and relationships while driving or whipping up a vday dinner or weekend menu.   I would love to see pictures of your weekend activities and hear your feedback about this week's blog/podcast.  Leave your comments or ideas for future episodes below.   Wishing you an activities-filled and FANTASTIC Valentine's Day Weekend!