11.05 – MU Podcast

Mysterious Universe show

Summary: Avery Morrow joins us on this episode as we venture deep into the legends of ancient Japan and uncover some of the suppressed secret texts of the nation's mythology in 'The Sacred Science of Ancient Japan: Lost Chronicles of the Age of the Gods'. NDE discussions are also featured with the upcoming 'Heaven is for Real' film and we finally discover "who was phone". This episode is proudly sponsored by Squarespace, use the offer code MU2 to get 10% off your first purchase. Squarespace Superbowl Ad Avery Morrow Interview Avery Morrow's Official Website Links Heaven is for Real: Will This New NDE-Related Movie Put Forward a Christian Interpretation? Heaven is for Real: Alternative universes of NDE life Plus+ Extension The extension of the show is exclusive to Plus+ Members. To learn how to join, click HERE. We might be destroying the universe just by looking at it TAKENOUCHI DOCUMENTS BOOK II: Chapter 1 (part 1) Chance Encounters: More Humanoids Among Us Faster Cyclists Are More Handsome Books   Music Karma Kid - Like I'm On Fire (Kartell Remix) via Earbuddy Mono.Mental - Coloured Sands (Dub Temple Remix) via HillyDilly Question - Easy via FreshVibez Question - Sure Thing via FreshVibez Zoo Brother - Please Don't via electric sound joy Benjamin Damage - 010x (Truncate Remix) via Electro Italia Esta. - WhateverUNeed via The Smoking Section Japanese Electronics (Instra-Mental Moog Remix)