LinuxGameCast Weekly EP76 — Bad Jordan, BAD!

Linux Game Cast Weekly SD show

Summary: Coming up on Linux GameCast Weekly: Source 2 Left 4 Dead prototype screenshots leaked! Cryengine comes to Linux, The Dark Mod 2.01 is out, Space Hulk is a real boy, and enhanced caveman penises. Then we throw the chairs at Octodad – Dadliest Catch. All this, plus your hate mail. Subscribe:       Links Steam   News,474.0.html   Review   Hate Mail Colour Key: Venn Jordan Pedro Steam News : Source 2 Left 4 Dead 2 Prototype Screenshots Leaked? Promises promises HL3 confirmed! 11! Space Hulk Judging by the press review snippets on the Steam page you almost think it’s a good game. Then you look at the Metascore and you see a 58/100 Its typical of the other non-dawn of war warhammer games I’ve played.   If you’re a fan of that kind of game,. this one is for you   Beat Blaster III coming soon Should be out by the end of Feb The preview build works without issue. Big thanks to Joseph Lieberman for the keys   Starlite: Astronaut Rescue Well, the price is certainly right 10 whole minutes with 0 replay value, I’m sorry that’s too expensive.   Rusty Doors Summarized pour vous Doors!   With optional Passcode Fixed a bunch of issues with grass Sleeping bags are fixed and now there are honest to god beds.  BEDS! Added vsync option Bunch of tweaks and fixes to item repairing No more random “Boom!  Headshots” New music   DMCA takedown notice ..the game Also known as “gamepad killer 2014” Not a big fan of their art direction.   Serena I wanted to like it    ………….I didn’t It tries to present an Amnesia-like atmosphere, then you start playing… If I see a hand graby thing it best work like Frictional. It’s like Scratches without the horror or Asylum without the undertones. It was made as a commentary regarding a kerfuffle among the PnC adventure rebirth community and manages to be even less interesting. I am damn tired of that guys voice already News: Cryengine on my Linux? Release date: Q4,  2015 on PC, PC and PC But will it be out on PC!?! Benchmarking: The Role-Playing Game!   Relics of Annorath Update,474.0.html Glad the project is still makes /w the updates. Fix your fk mothering download server. Moar updates to make it less and less playable on my calculator! Damn Unigine…   Jackhammer Reminds me of the level editor that shipped /w Q1.   The Dance of the Dam[...]