Episode150: Fulkerson 2010 Vincent

East Coast Wine Geeks Podcast show

Summary: Who was there: Jen, Chris, Bryan, Kate and Tim. what happened: Joe’s getting old, so he went home...at 7:30. Happy birthday, Joe! Everyone has the flu. Chris explains wine legs. Kate explains her graphic tongue. About the wine: Vincent is a French-American hybrid made to withstand colder climates, such as the NY Fingerlakes, where this wine is from. Color: Dark, inky, black-purple Nose: cherry, oak, blackberry and seediness. Addictive to smell. Taste: Rich and chewy with oak, tart cherry, tobacco, a hint of tobacco with some slight green notes. Like a cold weather Cabernet Sauvignon. Score: Chris: 86 “So unique and so dark!” Bryan: 86 “For $10, it’s a buy!” Jen: 88 “I like the nose and complexity” Kate: 85 “Would be best with spicy Italian foods, Paella or dark chocolate” Recommendation; not a first date wine, this will will turn your tongue black. Drink only with trusted friends!