Room to Grow: Parenting TV  show

Summary: On the surface we see the Mumpreneurs, Work at Home Mum’s, the WAHM’s as the perfect balance a world of rainbows, laughter and it looks light and fluffy. Once you look beyond that you see extremely passionate, strong minded business women who will do anything and work any hours from anywhere to create that work/life balance for their kids and for themselves. It’s not for the light hearted because sometimes you don’t have a set wage or set hours but what you do have is love, passion and dedication for your business for you and family to be proud of. So you still have to look at your business the same as any other business. It has structure, a business model, lead generation, marketing and branding all of things that all business need to grow and be successful. If you do that and you will create the life and business you’ve always dreamed of. Download podcast here