Exercise during Pregnancey

Room to Grow: Parenting TV  show

Summary: When you become pregnant, your body begins to change in order to accommodate the requirements of a growing baby. As an expectant mum, exercise may offer many physical and emotional benefits; but it's important to respect that your body has a few new limits. It's time to get a new roadmap! Hi, I'm Catherine, and here to navigate us through the new territory, is Snezana Pessin - (or 'Snez') - exercise coach, owner of Sentience Personal Training, and currently expecting, herself! Before starting ANY exercise program, ensure that you seek medical advice first. Discuss your plan with your health care provider and check that you are all okay to get started. Download podcast here http://blip.tv/file/get/Roomtogrowtv-ExerciseDuringPregnancey915.mp4