An Intimate Conversation With The Cast & Creators Of The Shady Bunch Web Series!

LanceScurv show

Summary: Tonight we speak with the cast of the new Web Series named "The Shady Bunch". It's about the three shades of female relationships and all of the twists and turns that one can possibly expect, plus a few unexpected to say the least! It stars actress/entrepreneur and executive producer Callie Hopkins, actress Director & Screenwriter Andrea Meshal and Michelle Deukauf, who is also an actress, producer and screenwriter. We are going to dig deep into the creative minds of these exceptionally beautiful, stunning and talented ladies to explore the motivation for the series as well as behind the scenes to gain a unique insight into what obstacles they've had to overcome to achieve a level of success that for many is rare indeed! So kick back and let's enjoy an exchange that will surely motivate all who listen!