Daniel Hoechst on Snowforce

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Summary: This week on the podcast we are talking with Daniel Hoechst. Daniel is an avid Salesforce user, administrator, and developer. He helps lead the Salt Lake City area Salesforce User Group. Daniel has been recognized for his contributions to the Salesforce community by being named a Salesforce MVP twice. We are excited to share with you Daniel's story and knowledge of Salesforce. He was a driving force and implementer at a previous company, taking an old AS400 program and moving his company to Salesforce. He then went on to become the IT Director and has now moved into a development role which allows him to be a strategic driver behind his company's Salesforce. It was great to hear how he followed his passion in life and now has found and is active in this great community. Daniel is also responsible for putting on SnowForce - a Salt Lake City User Group event followed by a day on the slopes skiing! If you would like to register for Snowforce - http://www.slcforce.com/snowforce2014 .We even hear about some special guest who have attended and will attended this year. We guess you will just have to listen to find out who they are... You can follow Daniel on twitter at @dhoechst and be sure to check out his blog Vertical Coder- http://www.verticalcoder.com/ We want to remind you that if you love what you hear, or even if you don't head on over to iTunes and give us a review. It's super easy to do and it really helps more Admins find the podcast. Plus, we would really appreciate it. Click on the logo to listen & subscribe RSS Feed:  http://buttonclickadmin.com/feed/bcapodcast/