Línea Abierta : Mexico Edition.

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Summary: Mexico Edition. U.S.-based residents from Michoacan prepare demonstrations outside the Mexican consulate in Los Angeles and San Jose, to request that the Mexican government does not disarm self-defense groups fighting the Knights Templar cartel. After expelling the cartel from several municipalities, self-defense groups decided to take control of other municipalities and Cuatro Caminos, a main highway to the rest of the state. In response, the federal government has asked these groups to put down their weapons. They reply that before surrendering their weapons the government must first arrest the leaders of organized crime. Martha Elena Ramírez hosts this edition from Mexico City. Guests: José Sandoval, immigrant from Michoacan, Los Angeles, California; (recording) Dr. José Mireles Valverde, General Counsel, Citizen Council for Self-Defense of Michoacan.