Father's Rights & Court Appointed Emasculation

LanceScurv show

Summary: No subject is more misunderstood by those who are not involved in it as the topic of Father's Rights. It's easy to brush over it and check the necessary boxes a cold lifeless form to feel as though it's merely a matter of a Father contributing much of his paycheck and making sure to adhere to the court ordered visitation limits. But it's so much more than that when you understand that these formalities are constructed and enforced by total strangers in the courts amidst the backdrop of broken hearts, open emotional wounds and resentments that would make the most evil demons hate pale in comparison. While there are totally deadbeat men out here who are at least made to dance to the drum of a much needed discipline, one can't argue that many a well intentioned man gets caught up in the system in a very bad way that accuses and punishes them for sins that they would never think of committing. Do make sure to attend this very informative show that will boldly go in on the points that are not always touched in the mainstream media.