Reid Carlberg on the Internet of Things

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Summary: If you stopped by the Developer zone at Dreamforce this past year you more than likely saw Reid Carlberg with robots, arduinos, and a host of other things. So we asked Reid to be on the podcast to talk about this "internet of things". Reid is the Director, Developer Evangelism at Now if you are a beginning Admin this will be a great episode for you to get introduced into extending Salesforce. In this episode Reid mentions the arduino board, so here is a link if you want to purchase one off Amazon, or a Raspberry Pi. This podcast is all about talking to really smart people who work in the cloud. So if you know of some one you would like to see on the podcast reach out to us. You can email Mike at or Be sure to tell us why they should be on the podcast and include any contact information so we can reach out to them. Click on the logo to listen & subscribe RSS Feed: