262 Making Podcasts Cool Again? Player.fm Playa Please! – Interview With Angelo Mandato, Creator of PowerPress – And So Much More!

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Summary: Making Podcasts Cool Again? Playa Please! This past weekend, someone sent me a link to an article on Gigaom.com. The article was titled "Player FM makes podcasts look cool again." The first few works of the article stated... "Podcasts may have fallen a bit out of fashion lately, but the new cloud-based podcast playback and discovery platformPlayer FM hopes that you’ll give the medium another chance." It cracks me up up when people make statements like this about podcasting. In this episode, I share my full reaction to this article and also share my initial thoughts about the Player.fm service created by former Google employee, Michael Mahemoff. Random Plug of The Week This week's random plug of the week goes out to the The Prospecting Minute Podcast by Steve Kloyda. If you check out his show and like it, please be sure to let him know you heard about the show from The Podcast Answer Man! Go ahead and judge me. I'm busy doing great work! In this episode, I institute a new segment that I hope to incorporate from time to time call "A Word of Wisdom." This week's Word of Wisdom is inspired by a recent Seth Godin blog post titled "You Will Be Judged, Or You Will Be Ignored." Has fear of being judged kept you from creating work that helps share your message with the world? Interview WIth Angelo Mandato I'm very delighted to share a recent interview that I did with Angelo Mandato, the creator of the PowerPress Podcasting Plugin. What's amazing is that I didn't even know that there was a video podcast devoted to the PowerPress plugin. One of my favorite things is that the PowerPress plugin was created with the best interests of the podcasting community in mind. Not only is it free, but it has an amazing support community behind it. I really hope that you enjoy the interview with Angelo. If you get a chance, head over to his blog at http://Angelo.Mandato.com and tell him thanks for all his hard work! Free Subscribe With iTunes Graphic Template I want to send out a special thanks to Dan Andrews from the Lifestyle Business Podcast. Dan created an amazing "Subscribe With iTunes" graphic for his side bar that looks ultra professional and just plain gorgeous. He's decided to make the template available to the podcasting community, free of charge, as a means of giving back! Feel free to click here to download the PSD file. Please be sure to swap out his podcast artwork with your own! See what I did with the template where I ask for iTunes Ratings & Reviews for Podcast Answer Man below. Podcast Artwork for $175 Most podcasters do not invest enough into the artwork for their podcast. The truth is that your podcast artwork is often what sets the 1st impression for your podcast. This is especially true when it comes to those who find your show in a podcast directory. I've been working with Jenny Hamson for several years and she does all my podcast artwork. I've also personally contracted her to do the artwork for all of my coaching and consulting clients. In all the years that I have worked with Jenny, she's never failed to provide artwork that not only meets expectations but delivers far more than could have been anticipated. If you are looking for artwork, please contact Jenny Hamson today and tell her that Cliff sent you! iTunes Ratings & Reviews I started Podcast Answer Man in December of 2006. Would you believe that until April 2012, I never spent much energy to ask anyone to provide a rating and/or review for this show in iTunes? If you have ever read my blog post about how iTunes podcast ratings work, then you know just how valuable leaving a 5 star rating and/or a written review can be to a content producer. If you find that the Podcast Answer Man podcast has been valuable to you, would you consider going to my iTunes Listing to both rate and review this show? If so, please click here. The Podcast Mastermind