Can Court Appointed Emasculation Be Stopped By The Father's Rights Movement?

LanceScurv show

Summary: There are many good men out here whose lives are emotionally and financially snuffed out in their prime years all the while carrying the burden of having the court system dictate the relationship with his children that really should flow effortlessly and freely. How can one pay such a high amount of child support with the ever growing cost of living skyrocketing with every passing moment? How can a man even maintain a job when he finds himself incarcerated simply because the mother of his child chose to lie about abuse or some other type of infraction? How does a man find the internal fortitude to continuously jump through the hoops that are set so high by the courts while the expectations of success on this man who is already overladen with the burden of the world on his shoulders dwindles? But most often it's quite evident that the court, the lawyers, the court officers and the judges do benefit from the dividing of a family and even more so when it rapes the remains of a carcass that was once a happy home. Let me give you a bit of clarity on tonight's program, our dear Sister, Ashanti Davis, will share her very intense feelings and experiences in the sensitive area of Father's Rights to give a much needed voice for the good men who are abused by it, misused by it and ultimately crushed by it. In our dialogue with her, we will definitely see the overlooked perspective that men in these situations have to deal with but spoken through the mouthpiece of a divinely anointed woman who has the ability to tell it like it is to cut through the smokescreen of slanted propaganda that is all so commonly spread to color the way our good men are viewed in the world. Look forward to a very informative and eye opening exchange with this rare Sister who is on a mission to reveal the truth! @LanceScurv Text/Call Direct: 407.590.0755