LanceScurv's 2014 New Year's Day Countdown Party!

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Summary: 2013. For many, it was a year of great change and a year of pure frustrations. Friends were gained and old friends were lost. Many people showed their true colors and had to be banished forevermore from our inner circle and some have proven to be the genuine article stepping up to the plate to fill in the social gaps left behind by the great pretenders. Most of all we learned about the content of character possessed in that ever improving masterpiece that we see in the mirror everyday called "us". It wasn't easy out here in 2013 but if you can read these words for the most part you made it through. Made it through to another milestone year that could possibly offer you a better chance to complete what 2013 has started, but only if you've learned from the prior years revelations in your life. Needless to say that whatever 2013 had in store for us, the cat's out the bag as we look once again into that mysterious horizon that may answer the questions that we've asked for so long deep within our curious souls. Will I finally find what it is that I've been searching for? Like those brave men and women who have challenged the highest elevations and physical peaks that this world has to offer, we too within our personal lives have dared to climb toward our personal goals occasionally glancing over out shoulder to see how far we've come from the valley of bad choices grow increasingly distant with every glorious moment of time. Take a moment to chime in and say hello or stay with us as we navigate toward the countdown toward our New Year to give our thanks and leave a permanent footprint in the sands of time in cyberspace! All are welcome as we share the memories, accomplishments, laughter and salutes to a tear that has left many bruised yet even better to become that improved version of ourselves that will shine in 2014 brighter than we ever have!