Qawmane Wilson Murders His Mother For Cold Hard Cash!

LanceScurv show

Summary: Qawmane Wilson 24, from Chicago'sWest Side, in a cold-hearted calculating evil move, masterminded the killing of his Mother in order to get money from her bank accounts and life insurance policies. Madamwhipass & LanceScurv share their feelings on this travesty in a way that only they can! This world is truly going to hell when something like this can happen and I'm afraid to say that I don't think it's the LAST time either! Find Me: Twitter: Facebook: Blog: http://www.lancescurv/ Google +: iTunes Podcast: Phone: 407.590.0755 The LanceScurv Hotline: Leave an uncensored voicemail message of your opinion to be played on the upcoming shows! Call anytime around the clock @ 407.731.2945