Our best of 2013 episode

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Summary: This week on the podcast Jared and I take a break from the action and reflect back on our 52+ episodes of 2013. We compiled our favorite clips from our favorite mess ups, words of wisdom, and stories from the past year. In addition to all the fun we look back at our favorite SteveMo clip as well as a replay of the SteveMo wrap up he gave at Dreamforce. We hope you enjoy the episode! Here are some interesting facts on our 2013 year  - we have 1508 minutes, 52 podcasts, 49 guests, We have interview guests who are - pilots, in a band, model, race go-karts, bible smuggler, break dancer, MENSA, shot Patriot Missiles, USNA, MMA, founders of companies, speed skater, Elementary school teacher, oatmeal aficionados, beer aficionados Clips you will hear in this episode: Pete Fife - Thumbs up! story Funniest Flubs Jared Dropping the mic How Mike constantly says Rebecca Dente's name incorrectly Some of our best advice from George Kennesey "think in scenarios" Geraldine's Bum Pinching story Our Favorite SteveMo Reading- Erica Kuhl with the SteveMo surprise SteveMo summarizing the Dreamforce keynote Jared spilling his drink This podcast is all about talking to really smart people who work in the cloud. So if you know of some one you would like to see on the podcast reach out to us. You can email Mike at Mike@ButtonClickAdmin.com or Jared@ButtonClickAdmin.com. Be sure to tell us why they should be on the podcast and include any contact information so we can reach out to them. Special Thanks to our Sponsor – Kona DataSearch, makers of KonaSearch Click on the logo to listen & subscribe RSS Feed:  http://buttonclickadmin.com/feed/bcapodcast/ Photo Credit: Chris Zullo