Is Tithing The Ultimate Church House Money Making Hustle?

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Summary: Is Tithing The Ultimate Church House Mind Control Hustle? Tithing has been an area of controversy and hot spot more so in recent years because of the misuse or power in the church. Scandal after scandal has caused those who were the more faithful of the flock to doubt their diligence in tithing. The concept in the minds of most at one point in time of giving to God was never a problem until many began to realize that God's work on earth wasn't benefitting from the funds so enthusiastically shared. Still, many told themselves it was all about how THEY gave from their heart and if there was any misappropriated funds then the sin was on the person who stole it and in most cases this was the Pastor himself. As you attend these modern day houses of worship, you can't even get to sit down for three minutes before having the offering plate passed down to you for the first of what seems like 49 more requests for money. You will hear many preachers focus on the prosperity angle in their sermons to many of the working poor while at the same time telling them that they will be cursed if they do not give money that they really just don't have. So now you have entire families who really and truly might be on the verge of eviction or without the necessary amount of food in their refridgerator to make it through to the next week now placed in a very dangerous position to prove their faith in God for "a breakthrough" that most often never comes while that Pastor counts their money across town in his luxury property. When is the madness going to end? We have some serious questions that must be answered on this particular night and if anyone continues on giving to a church that continues to fleece the flock as opposed to supporting a good church after hearing the truth then their choice to remain stupid is all their own!