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Summary: This week we talk to two people, Cameron Reynolds-Flatt and Rebecca Sherrill, who were key in helping build the SalesforceA Admin app. In this episode we get some of the history behind how the Admin app was built, sold, and demoed to various Salesforce stakeholders. But besides geeking out on the behind the scenes stuff our guests also give Admins some fantastic tips on conducting research on an application, conducting a useability workshop, and making page layouts as useful as possible. And we have included links for you to participate on making the new Salesforce Admin App even better! Give it a listen, I know you will learn something. Cameron is the Senior User- Interface Designer at Most notably he is the person who designed much of the interface for the new Salesforce Admin app.           Rebecca Sherrill, Senior User Reseacher on the platform team.           Salesforce is trying to raise awareness of how admins can inform the future of the product through participating in research. Click on every link below! Salesforce Research Program Sign-Up Our Dreamforce session, From Idea to Launch: Designing a Mobile App for Admins Usability Ninja Dreamforce Sessions - Highly recommended for admins who want more tips on usability testing and making UI improvements Part 1: Identifying the Blockers of Success Part 2: Tips and Tricks for Improving Usability Feedback form for SalesforceA (also accessible in the app by clicking "Feedback"): This podcast is all about talking to really smart people who work in the cloud. So if you know of some one you would like to see on the podcast reach out to us. You can email Mike at or Be sure to tell us why they should be on the podcast and include any contact information so we can reach out to them. Special Thanks to our Sponsor – Kona DataSearch, makers of KonaSearch Click on the logo to listen & subscribe RSS Feed: