special guest mix : hans etwas

minimal show by john smthg show

Summary: hi, this month a special "krank" guest with an open mind concrete music mix by hans etwas. playlist : 01 radioactive man, this is not a portable turntable; 02 afex twin, gwarek 2; 03 gyorgy ligeti, atmospheres; 04 the micronauts, bleeper 0+2; 05 f galvin, roaring funk; 06 replicas, i nearly married a human; 07 marco lenzi, loop 7; 08 nouvelles hebrides, chant de mele; 09 cr 09, c; 10 vangelis, mare tranquilitatis; 11 afex twin, beetless; 12 edgar froese, drunken mozart in the desert; 13 pierre henry, marche du jeune homme; 14 ryuichi sakamoto, zengun; 15 beethoven, march from a clockwork orange, walter carlos mix; 16 afex twin, icct hedral, philip glass orchestration; check out the hans etwas's space : hans etwas's space