special guest mix : run x

minimal show by john smthg show

Summary: hey hey hey, no my my but... I'm very happy to welcome run x this month, a very nice person and a great dj, with an airy and sensual minimal techno mix, enjoy : playlist : 01 Chaim, dana, dogtown; 02 Dusty kid, milk, systematic; 03 Novak & therm, mond, tigerskin's rolling claw rmx, e-motionz; 04 Sarah goldfarb, dreams will save us, treibstoff; 05 Robert babicz, invasion, circle; 06 Gino's & snake, lycaon, notorious elektro; 07 Cirez d, teaser, oliver huntemann remix, mouseville; 08 Redhead, nothing clear, red factory; 09 Lars wickinger, undertaker, killa beat; 10 Masaya, like a fish in water, nhar rmx, meerestief ltd; 11 Inaqui marin, come down, regular; 12 Leandro gamez, sin salida, soulshift aka southsoniks rmx, bullit; 13 Boriqua tribez, cubanita, marko nastic & marko milosavljevic rmx, recon warriors; 14 Perc, troll bait, drumcode; 15 Zidan style, chaim & k 300, bedolff, guy gerber remix, circle; 16 Extrawelt, zu fuss, border community; check out his site with mixes, dates, playlists... : run x