special guest mix : aidake! (the lumberjacks)

minimal show by john smthg show

Summary: hi all, I’m very happy to welcome aidake!, one half of the great duo The lumberjacks... No pains this morning, enjoy : playlist : 01 James venturi, feelings from oblivion, safari; 02 Tom ellis, approach, floppy funk; 03 Genny g, smoke killer, quepo; 04 René breitbarth, metal, treibstoff; 05 Bloody mary, apparence, sender; 06 SLG, rushhour, trapez; 07 Tadeo, granate granate, CMYK; 08 Tony rohr, wednesday, rompe cabeza; 09 Mark broom, ping pong, platzhirsch; 10 Piemont, sick certificate, MBF, 11 Marco carola, re_solution, 2M; 12 Goldfish & der dulz, closer, daso mix, boxer; 13 Humantronic, dancing travellers, neopren; 14 Nena, 99 luftballons, CBS; check out aidake! ’s space and The lumberjacks blog : aidake! The lumberjacks