september playlist - paraclouds mix

minimal show by john smthg show

Summary: Hi all, back in town with a great new vision of the podcast, now you'll find the mix in video : minimal show! enjoy : playlist : 01 Hugg & pepp, smack, dahlbäck recordings; 02 Daniel steinberg, uptown, front room recordings; 03 Hugg & pepp, krook, dahlbäck recordings; 04 Daniel steinberg, revival, front room recordings; 05 Paul ritch, murder, minisketch; 06 Marc romboy & 45 rocks, sunburst, simple records; 07 Marascia & dusty kid, sineless, systematic; 08 Paul ritch, nordbanhof, minisketch; 09 Marascia & dusty kid, sawless, systematic; 10 Audion, just fucking, spectral sound; 11 Avus, furry hat, border community.