Men On The Down Low? An Author Comes Clean In This Groundbreaking Interview!

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Summary: Tonight we're going to interview a very eloquent and brutally honest gentleman and author by the name of Steven Paul Germane who will take us on a trip into the world of the hidden life of Men On The Downlow in his compelling new book "The Barber's Shop." The content of tonight's program will be uncensored for adults only and will speak in a graphic hard hitting manner about the lies, deceptions, the sex and the hurt that transpires under the radar of most eyes who haven't a clue. Many women especially have wanted me to do a realistic show on this phenomenon....... Now here is your chance to speak to this courageous writer who will hold nothing back as I ask the questions that most will be afraid to ask, Bold. Raw & Uncut! In other words, you don't want to miss this! So not only are we going to speak about Mr. Steven Paul Germanes groundbreaking book, but he will bare his life in a manner that will allow you to see that although this book is classified as fiction, it could have easily been presented as a non-fiction writing because every single situation in the book has been derived from his life and put down on paper for your enjoyment. Here is a very brief synopsis in the authors own words: The Barber's Shop is about a well-known womanizer who owns his own business who ends up having a three year affair with another married man instead of a woman. The two of them fall in love with one another and keeps their relationship a secret throughout it, however, they experience the ups and downs like most couples, jealousy, cheating, drugs, alcohol and every day life issues but the biggest one is how to deal with their feelings and love for one another without destroying their families. So don't forget to tune in tonight and tell your friends by sharing this link because this show is an opportunity to go where you've probably have never gone before!