10.23 – MU Podcast

Mysterious Universe show

Summary: The dark traditions of Christmas, along with its Roman origins, are discussed this week with debauchery, drunken revelry and the return of Krampus. We also explore strange tales from Pennsylvania, deadly super volcanoes and the Hair Care industry's secret plan to control the world. Show Sponsors Use the offer code MU12 to get 10% off your new account with Squarespace THE EXODUS REALITY ADVENTURE TOUR OF EGYPT Links Scientists have revealed the supervolcano lurking beneath Yellowstone National Park is twice as big as previously thought Dinosaur asteroid 'sent life to Mars' Mars lake 'much like early Earth' This Sleek Spiderman Spacesuit Could Take Astronauts To Mars Nelson Mandela memorial sign language interpreter was a fraud, deaf community says The Death of Nelson Mandela has been expressed by the Global Consciousness Project Metaphysics of the Tea Ceremony Telling ghost stories is a lost tradition on Christmas Eve The History of Christmas The Time Boston Banned Christmas Harassed boyfriend jumped to his death after his girlfriend insisted on going into another clothes shop Trying to impress a man? Steer clear of the sales. Men get bored shopping after just 26 MINUTES... women after 2 hours Plus+ Extension The extension of the show is exclusive to Plus+ Members. To join, click HERE. Final Destination: Pilot’s Experience Has Physical Proof of NDEs? HAIR, ITS MAGICAL MYSTICAL PROPERTIES, AND HOW TO GO CHEMICAL FREE Chinese 'classical poem' was brothel ad Books Music Basenji - Dawn via The Music Ninja Disclosure - Voices (Wookie RMX) via strictlysocial Lorde - Royals (Epic Empire Remix) via YMR Dark Sky - Rare Bloom via ISO50 Blog Kellerkind - I Know (Original Mix) via Delicieuse Musique Chase and Status - Alive Feat Jacob Banks (TCTS Remix) via DNNM Chiefs - Stay feat. Nick Acquroff via Hilly Dilly