Línea Abierta : Immigration Reform: The Eleventh Hour.

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Summary: Immigration Reform: The Eleventh Hour. As Congress gets ready to go on the winter holiday recess, children travel to Capitol Hill to urge for immigration reform and some try unsuccessfully to dialogue with Republican leaders, while farm workers in California launch an 11-day push for reform in front of Rep. Kevin McCarthy’s office and social leaders continue fasting in the nation’s capital. These and other news are discussed. Also, an immigration expert answers listener questions. Guests: Marieli Espinoza, activist, Keeping Families Together: Youth in Action Campaign, Phoenix, AZ, http://www.keepingfamiliestogether.net ; Rudy López, senior organizer, Fair Immigration Reform Movement, Chicago, IL (interviewed from Washington, DC), http://www.fairimmigration.org/ ; José Gonzalez, Operations Director, Community Trust Credit Union, Bakersfield, CA, https://www.self-helpfcu.org/communitytrust ; Rosalba Piña, immigration attorney, Chicago IL, www.rosalbapina.com