Is Modern Day Corporate Employee Slavery Alive And Well In 2013?

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Summary: In the present day of an unsure economy, working class Americans have to make sure that they do all that they can to maintain the job that they have because there doesn't seem to be an abundance of opportunities out here to make good money, yet the bills still have to be paid. That being said, the pressure to perform on a job to ensure ones financial security is at an all time high. Providing a hard days work for an honest paycheck has in some cases becomes the hoop through which unsavory employers torture employees with the threat of losing their jobs and the inability to maintain their already diminishing standard of living with nosediving wages. While there are many fair employers who do provide a safe working environment while maintaining a professional atmosphere in which to execute ones stated duties, others beat their employees down in a hostile work environment, breach of contract and federal security rules, inadequate work supplies as well as the sexually demeaning comments and actions by supervisors and the discrimination of elderly workers. Many jobs here in the United States of America use some very questionable strong-arm tactics to rule over their employees with the fear of not only losing their jobs, but the threat of retribution for speaking out as well as the real possibility of having their credibility officially damaged as the pockets of these employers go deep as opposed to the living from check to check existence of those who toil night and day for what little they earn. Well according to 9 former employees of a company named "Ultimate Aircraft Appearance", the travesties spoken of in this introduction PALES in comparison to the actual working conditions there and these wonderful individuals have come here tonight to speak their mind and share their horror stories collectively to reveal what went on in what most would say was a job from hell!