Adam Torman on the changing role of the Salesforce Admin

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Summary: Adam Torman is the Director, Product Management at He is responsible for designing and managing user provisioning and authorization features, he has been involved in the redesigning of the core role based user authorization framework and has been a senior application instructor. Not to mention a really cool guy to present with at Dreamforce. Don't let the length of this episode scare you, it's packed with a ton of content from Adam. As a former instructor and passionate advocate of technology Adam has a lot of great information for Admins. In addition we love to give a shout out to our listeners- is it you? We spend time talking about how Salesforce Administration has changed over the years and what being a Declarative Admin means in 2013. If Permission sets, profiles, and security are something you need to learn more about this episode is for you. Adam gives us the back story on how Salesforce migrated a ton of permission sets to make profiles and permission sets incredibly useful. Oh and if you are looking for our 2012 Dreamforce session we reference:   This podcast is all about talking to really smart people who work in the cloud. So if you know of some one you would like to see on the podcast reach out to us. You can email Mike at or Be sure to tell us why they should be on the podcast and include any contact information so we can reach out to them. Special Thanks to our Sponsor – Kona DataSearch, makers of KonaSearch Click on the logo to listen & subscribe RSS Feed: