Episode 805 – Mysterious Universe

Mysterious Universe show

Summary: Ever wondered what a bat-winged monkey-bird is? No? Well we have and we found some great encounters to whet your beak. We also take a look at an amazing new robot out of Japan called Kuratas that shoots to kill with merely a grin. It looks like humanity has its sights set on Mars with Mars One aiming to be on the surface by 2023. Elliot and Ben discuss! Read on for show notes, music, books and video. Study sinks 'women and children first' myth High-stakes Mars mission relies on untried 'sky crane' Challenges of Getting to Mars: Curiosity's Seven Minutes of Terror [Video] Want a one-way ticket to Mars? A Dutch company is looking for you The Mars Underground [Video] Dial carefully! Meet Kuratas, the million dollar robot which weighs four tons, shoots when you smile and is controlled by iPhone HOW TO RIDE KURATAS - Suidobashi heavy industry Drone pilots wait for a kill shot Mutant Hares, Modern Satyrs and Centaurs MIKE HALLOWELL: The Horse Man of Bede INTRODUCING BRITAIN’S BAT-WINGED MONKEY-BIRD The Shamanic Truth of Evil Spirits Plus+ Content Click here to get extended shows and more! Immortality Project Gets $5 Million On Tulpas, Guardian Angels, and Figments of the Imagination Troll-ien Invasion? An investment fund that makes trades based on superstitious beliefs Guolizhuang – Beijing’ Famous Penis Restaurant Episode artwork by kokoszkaa on DeviantArt. Music Kuhn - Even Bears via Radio Magnetic Shigeto - Huron River Drive via Tympanogram Digits - Where Do You Belong? WE SINK Remix via Bad Panda Records Onra - Hold Tight via brooklynvegan Justice - Genesis via The Panic Manual XKore - Boom via Music for Morons