Episode 806 – Mysterious Universe

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Summary: A new Roswell whistleblower steps forward with claims of a second UFO crash before we investigate more cases of missing time (and phantom beards) from the 1970s. Greg Newkirk and Jason Gowin return to the show to share the news of their brand new project 'Planet Weird'. Can the team at Whoforted turn around the current abysmal state of Paranormal TV? Read on for show notes, music, video and more. PLANET WEIRD: A Documentary About Engaging the Strange! Planet Weird Indiegogo Who Forted Blog ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Touchdown! Wild celebrations as one-ton rover lands on Mars after 'seven minutes of terror' descent... and it has already beamed back first picture in HD Mars Curiosity Twitter Roswell UFO Crash: There Were 2 Crashes, Not 1, Says Ex-Air Force Official Police struggle to understand Sikh temple shooter Dr Steven Greer Twitter Amardeep Kaleka Twitter Sirius Filmmakers Father Shot In Illuminati Hit In Wisconsin Temple! PLANET WEIRD: A Documentary About Engaging the Strange! Engage the Strange! Help Bring Planet Weird to Life! Peter Khoury and the "Hair of the Alien" - 20 years on The Chilean Abduction Chile: Original Recording of the Corporal Valdes Abduction (alleged CE-3) Argentina: A Strange Creature Reported in Salta Province Paranormal on the Road: Searching for Weirdness Around the World -- My Five Top Personal Experiences Plus+ Extension The extension of the show is exclusive to Plus+ Members. Join now! Helena Blavatsky Mystery Tunnels Of South America Ancient Civilizations Lemuria Ancient Civilization Harassed by Hooded Beings Lair of the Beasts: The Creature in the Castle Doomsday group charging $5000 for spot in end-of-the-world bunker near Tenterfield Massive Sydney and California Tsunamis coming? Page 1 Massive Sydney and California Tsunamis coming? Page 6 MP calls for ban on tattooed preacher who 'cures' cancer by kicking people in the face Pastor Todd Bentley sticks the boot in to heal sick Music DJ Madd - Difference JKenzo Remix [BUY] Shigeto - Field Day Braille Remix via Phuturelabs Mindex - In Search Of Truth via Fried my little brain Attune - Rising Alex Q Remix via Delicieuse Musique Brass Construction - Happy People Giordani Edit via So Motion Beacon - Feeling's Gone via Punch Magazine Zerocall - Battle Of Young via Golden Scissors Lana Del Rey - Serial Killer via Dots & Dashes