How to Buy Beachfront Rental Homes in the U.S. for under $100K

The Real Wealth Show with Kathy Fettke: The Real Estate Investor's Resource show

Summary: As you probably know, it's getting really hard to find deals these days in most U.S. markets. The properties in many markets have already gone up over 20-30%. However, Jacksonville, Florida is one part of the country still in the beginning stages of recovery. Because it's a judicial state it's taking much longer for banks to foreclose on properties so the area is now just starting to recover. International investors have been flocking to Florida for income property because they see the fundamentals for smart investing are there such as: > Job growth > Population growth > A desirable location > A limited supply of properties with an increase in demand Jacksonville, Florida is currently the most affordable coastal city of its size on the Eastern Seaboard. Actually, it's the most affordable coastal city of its size anywhere in the U.S.! In this episode Kathy interviews an experienced real estate investor, property provider, and avid surfer who grew up in New Jersey, moved to California for a while, and now lives and invests in Jacksonville, Florida. If you're interested in building passive income while mitigating your investment risk, then this may be the solution for you.