The Hospitalist (Vol 17, Issue 11)

The Hospitalist show

Summary: This month in our issue, we address the growing problem of antibiotic-resistant infections, which strike more than two million people annually, according to the CDC. Dr. Jean Patel, deputy director of the office of antimicrobial resistance at CDC, calls the numbers sobering and says hospitalists can help identify and prevent future infections. On another front, Divya Parikh, director of research and loss prevention at the medical liability insurance trade association PIAA, comments on malpractice and hospitalists, and why he thinks cases can arise from communication issues. Likewise, Mike Matray, editor of Medical Liability Monitor, talks about trends in medical liability insurance rates. Also in this issue, we look at the challenges and opportunities of clinical observation units, the VA’s National Quality Scholars program, and our Key Clinical Question covers how acute hip fracture can be managed perioperatively.