7 Things Tommy Boy Teaches Realtors About Selling Real Estate

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Summary:  Video of Post Downloadable Audio MP3 of Post Subscribe to Realtor Roundtable Podcast below   To learn more about how Keller Williams can help your real estate business, click HERE Transcript of Post 7 Things Tommy Boy Teaches Us About Selling Real Estate Hi everybody! Welcome to Phillipy Consulting, My name is Daren Phillipy, I’m CEO of Phillipy Consulting. Welcome to this week’s Coaching Session. This week we’re going over 7 things that Tommy Boy can teach us about selling real estate.  If you have been watching and listening to my weekly coaching videos, or listening to the podcast. You will start to realize that I am kind of a laid back guy, I would say that I am far from being stiff.  I picked up a bad habit when I was in college, and I fell in love with the movie Tommy Boy.  Tommy Boy is a move from 1995, with the lake Chris Farley, and man, that guy has always made me laugh for years and years.  I remember I was really sad when I heard about his passing.  But the one movie in my personal opinion, one of the best movies he ever made, I know guys.  I’m really showing how much class I have.  I loved that move.  I love Tommy Boy.  The one thing I loved about Tommy Boy, it was such a goof off movie.  His character was such a goof off, and his character didn’t really care about anything.  But, you were able to see how he was actually able to develop into a big time guy that saved the company.  Through the process we were able to see him fail in sales, and then go through the process of actually learning how to be himself and really be a successful sales person. Now I’m going to play this clip that is a probably one of my favorite scenes in the movie.  We’re going to talk about this.  I call this the chicken wing scene.  I am going to set the table real quick.  In this scene, David Spade is his little snarky sidekick that is supposed to be the person responsible of Tommy Boy.  They just barely got into a huge argument, and they weren’t on very good terms right there.  So they decide to get some food, and we have this experience and this exchange.  So we are going to listen to this real quick.  At the end of this exchange we are going to talk about the 7 things we can learn from Tommy Boy to sell real estate. Tommy – Richard, do i have a mark on my face? It really hurts. Richard – No, nothing. I thought I hit you on the shoulder. Tommy – My shoulder doesn’t hurt very much, but my face does. Right here. Not here, or here so much, but right here. Richard – Nope. Sheep shape. Waitress could I get that shrimp cocktail I saw on the glass case? Waitress – Yeah. And you… What can I get- what happened to your face? Tommy – I knew it. See, Richard? I’ll have chicken wings. Waitress – Kitchen’s closed until dinner. I just got cold stuff and desserts. Tommy – Boy, some chicken wings would really hit the spot. You sure it’s closed? Waitress – Let me check. Yup, it’s closed. Tommy – Okay. I’ll just have a sugar packet or two. – Hey, what’s your name? Waitress – Helen. Tommy – That’s nice. You look like a Helen. Helen, we’re both in sales. Let me tell you why I suck as a salesman. Let’s say I go into some guy’s office let’s say he’s even remotely interested in buying something. Well, then I get all excited, I’m like Jo-Jo, the idiot circus-boy, with a pretty new pet. The pet is my possible sale. Oh, my pretty little pet. I love you! So I stroke it, and I pet it, and I massage it. I love it, I love my little naughty pet. You’re naughty. And then I take my naughty pet, and I go… I killed it! I killed my sale! That’s when I blow it. That’s when people like us have got to forge head, Helen. Am I right? Waitress – Tell you what, I’ll go turn the friers back on and throw some wings in for ya. Tommy – Thanks, Helen. Tomm[...]