Why I need a Real Estate Business Coach

Phillipy Consulting show

Summary: Often times, Realtors, Real Estate Agents, and Mortgage Loan Officers ask “Do I need a Real Estate Coach?”  They ask this especially when they are struggling with their business, needing marketing help, or wanting to get to the next level.  In this episode, I discuss the need for a business coach,  when to use a real estate coach, and what they can for your real estate business.  Take time to listen to this coaching session, then take your first step toward a better business by getting a Real Estate coach and joining Business Booster Real Estate Coaching System.  Video of Post Downloadable Audio MP3 of Post Subscribe to Realtor Roundtable Podcast below   To learn more about how Keller Williams can help your real estate business, click HERE Transcript of Post Why I need a Real Estate Business Coach Hey everybody, welcome to this week’s coaching session. My name is Daren Phillipy CEO of Phillipy Consulting.  And this week were going to discuss “Why I need a real estate coach.”  So if you are a Realtor or real estate agent, a real estate marketing expert, a real estate broker, a mortgage broker or a loan officer, you may have thought about why I need a real estate coach.   You may have asked yourself, if I ever got a real estate business coach, would it be worth it? Does it make sense for me to get a Realtor coach or mortgage coach? As a real estate coach myself, I have been thinking about this and thinking about why somebody would want a real estate coach.  So that I’ve finally come to the conclusion. It’s taken me a while to think about this, but I have come to a conclusion. . . You Don’t. Real estate professionals don’t need a coach.  I bet you didn’t expect me to say that, did ya.  You can just keep on doing the same activities that you been doing for years, and expect your business to be different. It’s not going to be different.  If you continue doing the same activity you’re not going to get a different result. Unless you make a change in your business, your businesses is never been a change. If you want more success and a better business and you want a better life, having a personal real estate business coach will help you accomplish these things. Now what I want to do is take some time to talk about how coaches have made a difference in my life. I’m sure many of you listeners and viewers have experienced coaches throughout your life.  I’m sure you will be able to find some sort of correlation to my story along with your story.  It’s kind of fun to think back about what got us to where we are right now.   So I am going to go way back to when I was eight years old.  I started being involved in organized sports when I was about eight years old. At that time, that was actually a relatively young.   Now they are two and a half and three years old and they are already playing soccer. At that time, participating in organized sport at eight years old was relatively young. The two sports I played when I was that age was baseball and wrestling.  Now, when I was on the baseball team the wrestling team, what was the purpose of my coach?  What was that that coach was supposed to impress on me? I think at that age elementary school age I think that the purpose of a coach at that age is to teach the fundamentals of that sport.   They don’t really pay attention to much on trying to win the games or they  really shouldn’t be screaming or yelling at the players. It’s the time when individual and a young athlete learns that sport and learns just the fundamental basics of that. As we get older, we go into middle school or junior high. In junior high, for me, I picked up a few more sports. I did track, I continued to baseball and wrestling and I also started playing some football. Now, when you are in middle school, it’s a completely different level was as elementary school when it comes to you playing sports.  In middle school, a coach has a little bit different role At the jun[...]