5 Realtor Tips For Accomplishing More In Your Active Real Estate Business

Phillipy Consulting show

Summary: Realtors and Mortgage Loan Officers can quickly become overwhelmed in their business from all the rolls they are required to play in the entire real estate transaction process. The professionals who have the ability to accomplish the most, in the shortest amount of time have a huge advantage, and often find themselves top producers in the industry.  In this real estate coaching and training session, I wanted to share 5 tips that will help you accomplish more each day in your business.  May you either learn or be reminded of something in this coaching session, and apply it in your real estate business.  Video of Post Downloadable Audio MP3 of Post Subscribe to Realtor Roundtable Podcast below   To learn more about how Keller Williams can help your real estate business, click HERE Transcript of Post 5 Realtor Tips For Accomplishing More In Your Active Real Estate Business Hi, My name is Daren Phillipy, CEO on Phillipy Consulting. This week I’m going to cover 5 Realtor tips for accomplishing more in Real Estate Business. Now recently, I’ve been what kind of drove to this topic. I had been working with a lot of producers.  Producers that have been very busy in the business. They’ve got a ton of listings and a ton of people coming in and a lot of escrows that are in the works.  We all know that once you start having a few escrows in the pipe at one time, and you’ve got to get your leads are coming in. You’ve got all the things that you are required to do when it comes to running a Real Estate Business. It is super hard to get caught up and start implementing some things that need to be implemented in your business. Recently, I have been working with a lot of these realtors, and some the biggest challenges is just not having enough time to get more things done. I thought would be really helpful, because no matter what level of business you’re at, you will always feel busy and you know your guilt thing over your head and you will say “I need to go and do this in any implement this and I need to go and add this” There are always things that need to be done.  We’re always looking for new tips and ideas.  So hopefully, by the end of this coaching video you will feel little bit better and pick up a couple of good ideas; that when implement them, you’ll start seeing that you’ll be able accomplish more. I wanna go over five ideas or five tips that will help you accomplish more. First one is, Be Discipline. I promise you guys, not all my tips are going to be like this. You’re going to say, “Duh!  I already know that I need to be more disciplined.” Well, we have to address this because I think the reason why put this one first is because it’s something that we can always improve on.  You have the most control over this first tip. When I say “be discipline”, there are a lot of different areas that are important to be disciplined. I’m gonna cover just maybe one or two. Obviously, the first one is going to be time.  Being disciplined with your time, I think it’s definitely going to help you accomplish more. We all know that, “man I wish I just had an extra hour, extra half an hour” or something like that.  In fact, I remember telling a couple of my friends that I just wish that for like two days or three days, that time would just tick a little slower. I feel so many times I start my day and I’m cranking through it, and I look down at the clock and realize “Holy cow” it’s one o’clock and I haven’t been able to have grabbed my lunch and have been able to accomplish things that needed do. “I’ve got to do this by three o’clock. I didn’t have to do this by five o’clock.”  By the end of the day. I just wish I had an extra four or five hours, just today. So if you’re able to be disciplined with your time, you will find yourself accomplishing more.  The one area that it’s important to be disciplined in your time is to eliminate t[...]