Real Estate Training – Time Management and Priority Lists

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Summary: As Realtors and Lenders, there never seems to be enough time in the day to accomplish the things that need to be completed.  We often find ourselves getting distracted from the tasks and activities that are most important in growing our real estate business.  This real estate coaching session provides a couple tips on time management and creating and using a priority list.  Implement these ideas, and you will find yourself accomplishing more. Video of Post Downloadable Audio MP3 of Post Subscribe to Realtor Roundtable Podcast below   To learn more about how Keller Williams can help your real estate business, click HERE Transcript of Post Real Estate Training – Time Management and Priority Lists Hi Everybody. Welcome to this week’s Real Estate Coaching and Training session. My name is Daren Phillipy, CEO of Phillipy Consulting. This week we are going to be talking about “Taking action in our real estate business” Now, many of you view if you’re listening to this podcast are watching this on my site, you’ve seen the front page of my website. I put a quote on there from Tony Robbins that I find to be extremely motivating and pretty profound. It says “In life, lots of people know what to do, but few people actually do what they know. Knowing is not enough. You must take action.” I think that is completely true. I want you to think about your business little bit right now. I believe that you know what needs be done, and the very specific tasks that need to be done in your business to find success. The challenge is implementing them in our business. I was talking to a relatively large producer here in town a few days ago. We were talking about the very small subtle differences between power producers and everyone else; and the things that top producers do to separate themselves, and make their business so much more success than everyone else. We came to the conclusion, (like there’s really always a conclusion, please.) We ended our conversation by agreeing that it’s the little things that make the difference. I believe it’s the little things that the top producers are able to implement into their business and take action. Those little things make a huge difference. That’s why I wanted to bring this up. I think that simple idea of taking action and being able to implement, even a portion of that your business, will make a huge difference. The purpose of this is not really to have you listen to this podcast or his coaching session, and do nothing about it. What I want you to do, I want you to take action in all the things that I bring up. I want you to be taking action. So is an exercise, what I would like you to do is take some time, write down some of the tasks that you know need to be implemented into your business. Write down if it’s implementing a database or you need to create a call list, or you need to organize your desk. Put together these tasks that you know are holding you back that if you implement them into your business, you would be in a better position. Now, after you made a list of some things that you know are holding you back, I also want you to pick one of the top producers, make somebody in your office that is currently running a business that you would love, look at the activities at their doing. Look at the small things that they’re doing, that you’re not. Implement them. Emulate their business. Now, again, after you’ve done that, I’m sure you’re sitting there saying “okay, Yes, I know this, but knowing that I’ve been needing to have a database. I know that I’ve been meaning to do this organization or start making call list or whatever.” We need that “little voice” in our head that will make us do something. That will make us take action. Let me tell you a little story about my son. His name is Creed. He is a complete stud! He’s just turned three years old, and he is kind of a terror well, not even ki[...]