Email Campaigns – An effective Real Estate Marketing Tool

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Summary: Email Marketing is a powerful and valuable tool in real estate.  With technology taking over, and having to either jump on board or be left behind, email campaigns are a great way to simplify and systemize your real estate business, and it’s not that hard.  In this real estate coaching and training session, I discuss the value of email marketing, creating drips or email systems to keep in touch with your sphere, and what to expect when implementing email marketing into your real estate business.  Enjoy. Video of Post Downloadable Audio MP3 of Post Subscribe to Realtor Roundtable Podcast below   To learn more about how Keller Williams can help your real estate business, click HERE Transcript of Post Email Campaigns – An Effective Real Estate Marketing Tool Hey everybody welcome to this weeks real-estate coaching and training session. My name is Daren Phillipy, CEO of Phillipy Consulting. This week we’re going to talk a little about e-mail campaigns, it’s an effective real estate marketing tool. Now when you go into this business as either a loan officer or realtor, I’m sure you were sitting there thinking it would be really cool to help people sell houses or find homes or help finance and get refinancing for homes and things like that. And that it was a great way to be able to make money. There is a ton of freedom when it comes to this job to, and that’s what attracts a lot of people to this business. They love helping people and they really love the ability to help people find or finance the home of their dreams. And there is a lot of reward with that. Many of us when we start this business we might of thought we were real torah or lender, but really our job is lead generation. As long as we have leads we can continue with our business, but if we don’t have leads we don’t have the potential to show people houses, we don’t have the potential of selling houses, we don’t have the potential to do loans for people. No matter what our job title is, it always boils down to lead generation. Creating leads and prospecting is always an important part of your business and in fact should be the number one key to your business, because if you provide the leads the rest will come. Now one of the things that having a passion for is marketing and using different types of marketing and there is a ton of different types of marketing out there. Now before I get into specifically e-mail marketing I want to talk a little about what is marketing. So I went to Wikipedia, and Wikipedia told me because it’s all knowing. Wikipedia says that “marketing is the activity set of institutions and processes for creating communicating delivering and engaging offerings that have value for customer’s client’s partners and society at large.” One of the most important statements in the definition of marketing is value to customers or that keyword value. When it comes to marketing your focus should always be the value, what I bring to the table has got to be value. If it does not have value then it’s not something that you should not be moving forward on. There’s lots of different ways to do marketing; there’s marketing from setting direct mailers, doing open houses, doing cold calling, using social media and of course the topic which I’m going to talk about today e-mail marketing and e-mail trip systems or drip campaigns. i am such a geek when it comes to e-mail marketing. I have a passion when it comes to e-mail marketing, because it is just such a cool amazing tool. To be able to go and meet someone and add them to a campaign and be able to stay in contact with them on a regular basis, In hopes to build the pickup their business in the future. Now there are a couple things I want to talk a little about. I want to talk a little about how to use e-mails for marketing, creating systems for when it comes to e-mail marketing and then the last thing is kind of what to expect when it comes to e-mail marketing. [...]