Mile 21 (Reloaded) One Vision!

Run World Radio & A Mile With Me show

Summary: Its Christmas and ignoring my "fake misery" and BAH HUMBUG hat (left) its the time of goodwill to all men .. and we have a packed edition of the A Mile With Me Podcast this time. Join us live at the finals of "Helium Idol" where you can select your 2008 champion, Royson or Keith. Listen to them perform their songs whilst inhaling helium from a balloon! Send in your votes and/or your own audition "tapes" for 2009 to the mail address below. Also find out some secrets from the host of this podcast as we have possibly the most insightful interview ever. This edition is called "One Vision" and is dedicated to human beings collaborating to achieve more than they could individually. We discuss "synergy" and the roles of Chris Chataway, Chris Brasher and Franz Stampf as I tell the story of these unsung but very successful heroes in propelling Roger Bannister to the first sub-4 minute mile in 1954. Chataway paced both Bannister to the first 4 min mile and also John Landy to 3:57.8 a few weeks later, he went on to break the world record at 5000m. Brasher won Olympic Gold in the Steeplechase in 1956 and set up both the "Sweatshop" retail chain and the London Marathon. We also hear Christmas greetings in several languages and hear a clip from a conference call where we listen to carol singing from the incredible city of Mumbai, India. Join me in the search for bagpipe music in my local area, plus hear as Christmas comes to Christchurch. Theres a lot going on, so please lace up your shoes and come a mile with me! Music on today's show Amb26 - Summers Day (A Mile with Me Theme) Jerry Lee Surber - Try and Go the Distance Together! Jakki Jelene - Silent Night Links A great feature on the 4 Minute Mile John Bryants Book Charity project supported by Chris Chataway and featuring him running with Haile Gebreselassie Email: Web: Twitte r: SteveChopperDownload Standard Podcasts