Behavior Talk 039: Ian Dunbar

Behavior Talk show

Summary: Let's talk about play! At the 2008 Association of Pet Dog Trainers Conference in Louisville, Kentucky, they devoted a whole one-day symposium to the topic. And we're going to take a look at play throughout the next for episodes of Behavior Talk. When it comes to discussing play in all its forms, there may be no better authority than Ian Dunbar. Acclaimed throughout the dog behavior world as an author, speaker, and inspirational leader, Ian founded the APDT 16 years ago, and continues to be a powerful force in the industry. His latest venture is Dog Star Daily, a website and on-line community he runs with his wife Kelly. While at the APDT Conference, I was able to lure Ian away for a few minutes to have this conversation. We discussed the recent history of dog training, including the growing understanding and use of play as an effective tool in managing behavior. We also talked about what's new at Dog Star Daily, and then he gave me his predictions for the two trends that will guide dog training in the next five years. Thanks for listening. If you're a fan of these podcasts, visit the iTunes store and leave a comment. Or you can email me at And check out our website for free videos, articles, podcasts and more.