Behavior Talk 041: Karen London

Behavior Talk show

Summary: Hi everyone, I'm Duffer Schultz, and this is Behavior Talk. We're continuing our four-part series of podcasts from the 2008 Association of Pet Dog Trainers Conference in Louisville, Kentucky, and the one-day symposium, "Play in Our Dogs' Lives." Our guest today is Dr. Karen London. She is a Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist, Certified Pet Dog Trainer and writer who specializes in the evaluation and treatment of serious behavioral problems, including aggression, in dogs. She writes for numerous publications, including the BARk Magazine. At the 2008 APDT Conference she gave two presentations, one on using Play to Treat Aggression Related Behavior Problems, and one on applying Dog Training to our Relationships with People. We started our conversation discussing "play," which Dr. London considers highly underutilized in managing behavior issues. We talked about what factors make for an effective protocol, and the connection between play and emotions. The second part of our interview covers the notion that because of their special training and expertise, dog trainers can have unique qualities that can translate to their dealings with other people in all aspects of their life. She talks about which dog training skills are particularly applicable, and how to use them. Thanks for listening. If you enjoy these podcasts, please be sure to tell your colleagues and associates. And check out our website,, for all our episodes, along with many videos, articles, and other resources.