Behavior Talk 043: Robert Miller

Behavior Talk show

Summary: What is "natural horsemanship," and where did it come from? And why are the methods so successful? Dr. Robert M. Miller is a leading authority on the development and popularization of natural horsemanship. In this interview we talk about his book, "The Revolution in Horsemanship: And What it Means to Mankind," co-authored with Rick Lamb. Dr. Miller traces the development of a more gentle and sensitive approach to horse training that came out of the cowboy culture in the Pacific Northwest. We also talk about his latest book, "Natural Horsemanship Explained," in which he examines from a scientific point of view why the "natural horsemanship" approach works. Later in the interview we discuss Dr. Miller's interest in foal imprinting, and how some simple approaches and techniques used within the first hours of birth can pay off throughout the entire life of the horse. Finally, we conclude the interview with a talk about yet another career of Dr. Miller's: cartoonist. His cartoons, under the signature RMM, have appeared in all types of publications, and have provided a unique insight into practice of veterinarians and lifetime dealing with animals.