Node.js 0.4.0 Released

Minute With Node.js show

Summary: We have "the Ryan Dahl" discussing the latest and greatest stable release from the Node.js core team, Node.js 0.4.0. Ryan goes through a listing of the best and brightest new and revisited parts of Node.js. It provides a excellent peek into not just what changed, but more importantly why it changed. Granted it is a bit longer (~10 minutes) but well worth it as he does a deep dive over 3 major areas of churn and improvement.Node.js 0.4.0 (stable) ChangelogNode.js 0.4.0 API docsOpenSSLThe New TLS (SSL) APINode.js Windows PortBert BelderBert Belder (twitter)HTTP Client Interface Updated"HTTP the worst protocol known to humans"The new HTTP request formatThe new HTTP GET formatBuffers (now even faster)NPM (now with sudo action)socket.ioIsaac Z. Schlueter "node_modules" directory helps avoid global installationNPM modules can be installed like .deb packagesV8 upgraded to the latest!!!1.0 coming soon!Upgrading from 0.2.x branch should be easyIf have bugs, email: ry at tinyclouds dot org