Episode-1227- Thoughts on Oath Keepers Going “Operational”

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Summary: TweetIf You Have Served Before, Serve Now. Recently Stewart Rhodes published an article on the Oath Keepers website called, Oath Keepers is Going “Operational” by Forming Special “Civilization Preservation” Teams. I find the general theme to be very positive, however many very clearly got the wrong message. In his article, Stewart says, “We urge you to presume the worst in the short term, and to work in three or four month sprints – assume that a collapse will be triggered this fall/winter and do all you can to get yourselves and your communities ready.“ Sadly many people read that to say, “The end is coming in 3-4 months and we have intel saying that is the case“ THAT IS NOT what it said.  I also know directly from Stewart that it isn’t the case. In fact before reading the article myself I told Stewart he needed to be very careful in what he was saying.  Frankly I thought that is what the article said because getting ready for my trip I had yet to read it myself.  Frankly I thought this because I had received dozens of hysterical emails saying that was the case.  When I read the article I did my typical, “damn, how do people draw these conclusions from this?”, that I do about 20 times a day. Now blogs and alternative news sights are fricken buzzing with “the end is near” BS and using Stewart’s article as “proof” and spinning it vs. reporting on it.  The fact is this is very important and it is sad man in alternative media seem just as addicted to perception bias and yellow journalism as the lame stream media. Today as a founding member of Oathkeepers and personal friend of Mr. Rhodes I intend to clear some of the confusion up, talk about what is great about the plan and what might make it better. Join Me Today As I Discuss… The bad timing that caused much of the confusion What happens when non military minded individuals read military thought The basics of the plan, teams of Two communications experts Two medical experts Two engineers Two food reserve specialists Four to six scouts Logistical support team of Peace Officer Liaison and Sheriff /posse Team Military and National Guard Liaison Neighborhood Watch Team Local Government Team Intelligence Team What Oath Keepers thinks “the plan” is by establishment  Intentionally trigger a catastrophic economic collapse as an economic “neutron bomb” Let the country descend into chaos Ride in like the cavalry, to “save” us by means of martial law and scrapping our constitution once-and-for all What I think the plan is Cling to their paradigm as long as they can and stave off collapse Accept that collapse is inevitable and plan for it Watch the country descend into chaos Ride in like the cavalry, to “save” us by means of martial law and “not letting a crisis go to waste” Net results are the same, timelines differ greatly Problems with the Oath Keepers Team Plan People don’t “think” sufficiently, they fail to adapt We are not surrounded by SF style people We need to think in two phases, organize then “draftee” the holes The com specialists are good with gear, not with words Food reserve specialist assumes reserves will exist, need to add procurement The good of the plan It is a great template, if people will use it and adapt to what they don’t have It has people talking and thinking differently, made the crisis real It can work IF we can bring in MORE Oathkeepers with real skills It focuses on working with authority as long as said authority keeps their oath It is preemptive It is a great kick in the ass Resources for today’s show… The Year 1227 Join Our Forum 13Skills.com Join Our Forum Walking To Freedom Shop for TSP Silver TSP Gear PermaEthos.com Knife Kits – (sponsor of the day) Back Woods Home Magazine – (sponsor of the day) Oath Keepers Article This Show is Based On Remember to comment, chime in and tell us your thought[...]