Dungeon Talk: Episode 19 – More topics, less valuable

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Summary: Hello all, Here is Episode 19 of  Dungeon Talk; our General advice/discussion podcast.   I would call this a 'lite' episode. We spend the majority of the time discussing the outrage over a recent episode of the Big Bang Theory Televsion show. We then talk some about Gencon. Then we finally get to our regular stuff and cover a mailbag and deadlands and finally have another round of Synergy with a pack of Dragon Maze cards.  I'm including the time segments incase you want to jump around, over or through some of those topics.   Here are this week’s segment topics:   1. Current Events: The Big Bang Theory and Nerd Rage collide over an Episode where the characters play D&D; Thru 19:23 2. GenCon: We discuss in general our excitement and frustrations of the Wish list of Gencon: 19:23 - 27:22 3. Mailbag - We answer a question sent in by VanRPL; how to you balance wanting to be a Party leader vs. taking over a game. 27:23 - 38:21 4. Table topics  1 - Deadlands: We discuss the new Deadlands game we are playing and some of our thoughts about it and the Savage Worlds game system.  38:21 - 50:51 5. Synergy - Evan forgot his pack of cards so we ended up opening one pack of Dragon Maze MTG cards and working together to come up with a story idea. 50:51 - 58:06     As always, thanks for listening and comments/feedback are welcomeThanks!!   Michael – AKA Mumbles. E-mail us at Podcast@dndacademy Follow us on twitter @dnd_academy visit our forums at RPG Crosstalk    Thanks!!   Michael – AKA Mumbles