Dungeon Talk: Episode 20 – 65 MB, Mother$&*^@#

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Summary: Hello all, Here is Episode 20 of  Dungeon Talk; our General advice/discussion podcast.  For this Episode we were joined by Niko and Rob and a Special Guest James (@Massimo_53). James runs the DnD Encounters games at a local game store here in Cincinnati. He's been playing RPG's for a while and has a lot of experience with Savage Worlds, which we wanted to discuss. I thought he did a great job and certainly added to the discussion.   Here are this week’s segment topics: James' Introduction - 0:00 -  6:00 1. Table Topic # 1 - Savage worlds review/discussion; 6:00 - 32:30 2. Table Topic # 2 - Roleplaying in a way that harms the party: 32:30 - 44:50 3. Mailbag - we answer a question sent in from Christian concerning a Music Based Puzzle. (If you want to give your thoughts, visit our Podcast question thread on RPG Crosstalk Forums):  44:50 - 57:45 4. House rules - a first for a new segment where we will discuss the pro's/con's of adding a new rule into our DnD Games. This week's rule is 'exploding dice' from savage worlds - essentially if you roll the max number on a damage die, you keep rolling and adding. (if you want to give your thoughts, visit our House rule thread on RPG Crosstalk Forums). 57:45 - 1:06:30 As always, thanks for listening and comments/feedback are welcomeThanks!!   Michael – AKA Mumbles. E-mail us at Podcast@dndacademy Follow us on twitter @dnd_academy visit our forums at RPG Crosstalk    Thanks!!   Michael – AKA Mumbles