Dungeon Talk: Episode 23- A long wind goodnight- pt1.

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Summary: Hello all, so last week we did not have a game do to scheduling conflicts so myself, Michael, and Niko sat down to record, and boy did we ever.  We got pretty long winded and ended up with a 2 1/2 hr Dungeon Talk.  I'll put in time stamps so you can go straight to something if you want to hear it.  In part 1 we cover, Table Topic-  Character decision vs role playing.  Even though I was taking part in this discussion it was a little confusing for me.  The topic stems from an incident at Gen Con when Michael and Jared were playing in the same game.  It sort of relates to how someone builds a character concept and then applies it to the game.   33:26 Table Topic 2- Gen Con.  We give Michael the mic for a while and he recaps some of his best and worst moments from Gen Con. Enjoy! Evan