Episode 030 – Hurricane Tomas, Haiti Ambulance Crash, YWAM Ship Updates

YWAM Podcast show

Summary: Bill Hutchison (http://billhutchison.org) tells us about the threat to Haiti by Hurricane Tomas, the YWAM Haiti ambulance crash, updates us on some of the YWAM Ships, brings us some security tips for when you are at an internet cafe, introduces us to a few other YWAM Ministries and we are joined by a guest host, Brad Davies (https://twitter.com/bradjohndavies). Stories: * YWAM Haiti * Hurricane Tomas coming in * Pray for Haiti as Tomas Approaches (http://ywamnews.billhutchison.org/article/pray-for-haiti-as-tomas-approaches/) * Ambulance Crash * YWAM Ambulance in Haiti Crashes while Transporting Cholera Patients (http://ywamnews.billhutchison.org/article/ywam-ambulance-in-haiti-crashes-while-transporting-cholera-patients/) * YWAM Ship Pacific Link Update - Back in Townsville after spending two months in Papua New Guinea (PNG) * YWAM Ship Blog - Late Night on the Ship a Man Turned up with a Snake! (http://www.townsvillebulletin.com.au/article/2010/10/13/176855_nie.html) * Vomunteers Changes Lines in Papua New Guinea - Townsville Bulletin (http://www.townsvillebulletin.com.au/article/2010/10/16/177721_hpphoto.html) * Pimlico High Fundraiser * http://www.ywamships.org/magazine/month/201011 (http://www.ywamships.org/magazine/month/201011) * During the YWAM Marine Reach Global Summit The YWAM Ship Pacific Link was officially handed over to YWAM Australia from YWAM New Zealand * YWAM Australia National Leaders Meeting held in Townsville last week * YWAM Ship Caribbean Reach in Key West, Florida for a haul out and overhaul * http://marinereachministries.com/?page_id=515 (http://marinereachministries.com/?page_id=515) * Be Aware of Security when at Internet Cafes and using Wifi * Security problem as anyone with that plugin can capture and view your unsecured accounts if you are on the same unsecured network, including: * Facebook * Twitter * any site not using https * Any free open access point (like at Starbucks, Second Cup, etc, is a vulnerable connection. Even if you have to go through a login or TOS screen in your browser, it is not secure. * YWAM IT - Be Aware of your Security at Internet Cafes (http://ywamit.net/content/be-aware-your-security-internet-cafes) * YWAM Leeds Arts Gathering * YWAM Leeds Art Gathering is Done (http://ywamleedsuk.blogspot.com/2010/10/arts-gathering-done.html) * YWAM Carlisle, England * YWAM Carlisle - Botchergate (https://ywamcarlisle.wordpress.com/2010/11/02/botchergate/) * Outreach on the same streets as the pubs and clubs * Serving free coffee, tea and hot chocolate from 10:00 pm - 2:00 am * YWAM Haiti Port au Prince * YWAM Haiti Port au Prince (http://www.ywamportauprince.com/) * YWAM Haiti Homes of Hope * YWAM Haiti (http://www.ywamhaiti.org) * Youth With A Mission Beira, Mozambique * YWAM Beira, Mozambique (http://www.ywambeira.org/index.html) Music: * Woje - Heavy Eyes * Woje Fan Page on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/pages/Woje/136485288663?ref=ts) * Five Star Streets * Five Star Streets on the Youth With A Mission Music Network (http://ywammusic.net/profile/FiveStarStreets)